The Oyate Trail
of Southern South Dakota

Welcome to southern South Dakota!

Travel the Oyate Trail
  The word "oyate" means "nation" in Lakota. 
The Oyate Trail is a trail of nations, where cultures meet.

Come geocaching with us!

Explore the culture and history of the West 
on Highways 50 and 18 in South Dakota.

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No matter how you slice it, the drive  across South Dakota will take some time.  That's okay. The scenery along Highways 50 and 18, and the friendly people you'll meet, will make this trip as enjoyable as it is time-effective. 
Check out our Attractions and
Events pages for some ideas as to what each town offers; click on our Trail Map to be connected to Communities along the way.
You'll discover treasures you will keep forever as memories.

If you've got the time, we've got the places.  Spend your first day east of the Missouri River, discovering a history that pre-dates statehood. Then cross from the fertile farm lands into ranch lands. Camp on the shores of the beautiful
Missouri River
. Wherever you go, you can be assured of peace and beauty. A third day will take you across the amazing culture Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Reservations and into the majestic beauty of the Black Hills themselves. 

Slip into the unhurried by-ways of America's heartland. Sail on a lake. Loop into the Missouri River breaks where the deer and the antelope really do play. Take in a Powwow. Visit local mnd parades. Attend a softball game. See a rodeo. 
Check out the links to
Communities, and make sure to write or call ahead so you can absorb as much of the local flavor as possible. 

There is always more to see on the Oyate Trail.

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